Friday, September 28, 2012

The Mall of Asia just got hotter!

Hideo Murouka and Daniel Matsunaga with other hot models in Sm Men of Fashion.

Masculados: DEKADAconcert

Masculados: DEKADAconcert at Zirkoh on Oct 15, 10pm! Launch of their new album will also be part of the event.

Some Lovin

Hot Markkie Stroem give us more lovin' as he walk and grace the Cosmo Bash this year. This is a moment that we wait for so long. See the faces of gay audience?


MR. & MS. BODY BEAUTIFUL 2012. The pageant was held at Laguna. 
Photos courtesy of Ms. Shobi.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cute Faces

Allen Molina with other Cute Faces during their photo-shoot session. some of them are currently in for Ginoong Republika 2012.


The hot and daring boys of Id'Nal.

Vince and Alex

Vince Ferraren and Alex Anselmuco is something worth sharing for.

Charles Ghareh

Persian-Turkish model Charles Ghareh is definitely enjoying his modelling stint her in the Philippines.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hairy Men are Gorgeous!

Love the hair in abdomen. It adds sexiness and arousal. See some of daring hot Pinoys showing their gorgeous body hair.

Raphael Carlos

The hottest Mister Philippines ever is Raphael Carlos.


Here are some of the official candidates of the GINOONG REPUBLIKA 2012.