Sunday, July 31, 2011

Splash pt.2

As you requested for another "Splash" hunk, here's David Horst Sommerauer.

Gan's and Roses

Men can be seen their sexiness even though they don't flaunt their body and Andrew Gan doesn't need to take his clothes off to be sexy. 


Derick Hualde is really oozing with his magnetic animalistic appeal.


Truly, I just cant get enough of this super cutie model Darylle Salvador.


Naku talagang "uncensored" ito at parang di ko kakayanin itong mga hombre na ito at their most sexy revealing bikini's. Di ko alam kung anong pakontes eto basta masarap tignan ito lalo na't umuulan, parang isang mainit na sabaw. Kuha itech mula sa sa ating kaibigan na si Ms. Shobi Dionela.  
Ashley Hanabishi

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tom and Mike.

Tom Rodriguez and Mikael Daez are the temptation hunks in the remake on the sexy film "Temptaion Island" and I will exchange a glass of water to these two hunks even for one nights in a deserted island.

Last Man in Paradise: Borgy Manotoc

“Last Man in Paradise,” the stunning catalogue shows Borgy Manotoc clad in Bench Body’s briefs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Richard Pagilinan @ Glenn Salazar


Coling coling sexy Azkals (hindi si Amanda Coiling ang tinatawag ko huh!). Hmp! Bongga talaga itong mga sexy boys of Azkals ewan ko ba sa Amanda na yan at umi-effect ang loka-loka. Pwede bang ako na lang ang reypin nyo! Pwamis I'll be quite!
Ashley Hanabishi- Stryker Contributor.

Azkal's Fever

I know that they fought their hearts out to win the game over Kuwait in order for the Philippine Football Team made to qualifying round for FIFA but the time is not our ally but win or lose we are still proud for our hot and sexy Azkal. Here are the Azkal's for Health and Beyond shoots. Its getting hot in here and that's what I like!

Win or Lose.

Still proud about the achievements of the Azkals though its the end of the World Cup journey to them were still proud and happy for this Pinoy football team. We are behind you guys!

Black & White

Model: Mark Whittington

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RAWrr!!! @ Glenn Salazar

MODELS. Martin Legaspi. Char​les Gerardo and the one that we featured on this blog Darylle Salvad​or of Victo Rio

Once more.... Alfred

I know everybody is missing Alfred Vargas in these kind of shoot. For sure hindi na natin siya makikita na mag pose ng sexy because he is now a public servant on his district at Quezon City. Here's Alfred Vargas once more on his sexy pictures snatched from Puri Titiwang.